Thunderstruck is the Heroic Level Dungeons and Dragons Campaign that takes place after the failure of the previous party, which played in Solace campaign, to prevent the end of the world.

This is the story of a world pulling itself back together after the apocalypse and trying to survive after all has been lost.

Our adventure begins on the island of Khorvaire, a place forgotten after the end of the world and starkly frozen against the warming waters of the northern ocean. A place of barbarians, giants, pirates and owlbears; the heroes have been sent to this frigid rock by the Steelsong Hold of dwarves who want to free the land of undesirables so they can begin to use the mines of Khorvaire again to produce iron for Steelsong Hold and secure the port town of Lemire for shipping ore back to the mainland.

The heroes have been offered a bounty for the skin of each monster they return with. They have been charged with returning civilization to Khorvaire, should they survive the experience.